Village People is a concept disco group formed in United States in 1977, well known for their on-stage costumes as well as their catchy tunes and suggestive lyrics. Village People scored a number of disco and dance hits, including their trademark "Macho Man", "Go West", the classic club medley of "San Francisco (You've Got Me) / In Hollywood (Everybody is a Star)", "In the Navy", "Can't Stop the Music", and their biggest hit, "Y.M.C.A.". In September 2008, the group received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They have sold upwards of 50 million records world-wide.

Available songs

Songs (clic for a preview) Can be found on these DVDs
  In The NAVY Greatest Hits Vol #13
  Y.M.C.A. Grands Succès Club Med Vol. #5
  Y.M.C.A. Greatest Hits Vol #5