Born May 14 1953 in Lynn Lake , Manitoba , Canada is a Canadian singer and composer .

After an unsuccessful solo album, that Cochrane in 1974 was released, he became in 1978 the lead singer of the group Red Rider . The group had several hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts .

After the release of Red Rider 1990 Cochrane published in 1991 , the solo album Mad Mad World. The album sold over 2 million copies and had with Life Is A Highway one Top 10 hit on the Billboard music charts. It was followed in 1995 album Ragged Ass Road. in 1997 published Songs Of A Circling Spirit Cochrane, an album of acoustic versions of his songs. After his father at the Parkinson's disease was diagnosed published Tom Cochrane 2002 Just Like Ali, a charity single for the Parkinson Society Canada. in 2005 Cochrane took on Live 8 in Canada. For 31 October 2006 is the first new album in eight years, No Stranger, announced.

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  Life is a Highway Greatest Hits Vol #24