The Buggles were an English New Wave band consisting of Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes. They are mostly remembered for their 1979 debut single "Video Killed the Radio Star" that was #1 on the singles chart in 16 different countries. Its music video was the first to be shown on MTV in North America at 00:01 on 1 August 1981. At the time of the single's original release, The Buggles did not actually have an album's worth of material to record, and so they wrote most of the other tracks for their debut album The Age of Plastic (1980) while traveling around Europe promoting "Video Killed the Radio Star". Three subsequent singles were released from the album. They also charted in the UK, although they were modest chart performers at best. This fact, combined with the novelty value of "Video Killed The Radio Star", led to The Buggles being perceived as a one-hit wonder.

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  Video Killed the Radio Star Greatest Hits Vol #7