Tex Lecor is a singer, songwriter, painter, show host, born near Montreal, June 10th 1933. Lecor achieved international success in 1970 with the Georges Langford song 'Le Frigidaire,' which he recorded in five languages. He then devoted himself to painting and has had numerous exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and New York, and has also hosted humorous radio programs. Throughout his shows and many tours, Lecor has remained an unpretentious and hard-working person, maintaining his popularity in later songs such as 'Bienvenue chez nous,' 'Le draveur,' 'Quand ça ne tourne pas rond,' 'Rame, rame,' 'Tout le monde est d'bonne humeur,' and 'Lucille' (revived by Kenny Rogers, among others).

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  Le frigidaire Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #16