Born September 26 1947 in Grand Forks, North Dakota is an American country singer. As the daughter of famous songwriter Liz Anderson they soon came to the country music into contact. She was discovered in 1965 when her mother to Nashville , accompanied there a BMI Award and met Slim Williamson, director of Chart Records. That same year, Lynn reccorded on this label.

In 1968, Lynn Anderson married songwriter Glenn Sutton.

After a few single-center successes in 1969, she joined Columbia Records . Here she succeeded shortly thereafter by Rose Garden one of the biggest country hits of all time. The title could also place high in the international pop charts and brought her a Grammy and one other awards. In the U.S., the single place 3, #2 in Great Britain. In Germany the plate came in at number 1 and was able to hold it there for four week. There are numerous other successes followed including several number-one hits on the U.S. country charts in the pop music field she succeeded no further Top 40 hit. 1977 her marriage to Glenn Sutton was divorced, Lynn moved increasingly withdrew from the music business. As a rider and horse breeder, especially as she was also successful, winning numerous awards. A second marriage ended in divorce.

Lynn Anderson continued to publish albums in intervals of several years.

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  Rose Garden Greatest Hits Vol #24