Boulay The sisters grew up in Gaspésie, buttocks in a pickup or in a sled ski-doo and ear in a vinyl box. Blame their father if they are like this, it's him, with his VHS camera, which played to the public indulgent lifetime; it was he who used the turntable as an alarm clock lifetime. Blame Michèle Richard Lee, one point that came knocking on the door of their home to teach singing to the smallest, Melanie six, who, that year, made his first show in front six hundred people (with shoes to her mother three times too large because it is pig's head). Blame the chorus Clef - average age forty years - accepted both tanning ten and thirteen years in succession. It's the fault of their mother, who has always encouraged, even at times of nothing. It is ultimately the fault of the "established" who lent their internship with their blind trust.

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  Mappemonde Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #42