LES GENDARMES began their career in 1961 under the name Les Kambo. Their meeting with manager Dominique Mandanice in 1965 will result in a new image that will lead them to national success through a record deal and access to television. A&R Kevin Hunter, will get them to cover older hit songs, many of which from Neil Sedaka: "Qu'il fait bon d'avoir vingt ans", "Petit démon", "Carole", etc. Surfing the wave of the groups craze, les Gendarmes take Montreal by storm with their costumes inspired by the french police’s uniforms but mostly because of Guy Harvey’s unique voice. Amongst these hit singles, many came from Roy Orbison such as "Les bras d'acier", "J'ai rêvé", Aaron Neville "À quoi bon pleurer" or Stevie Wonder’s "Rien, rien, rien" but also a few original songs.

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  Oh Carole Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #40