LES EXCENTRIQUES had a fairly brief career spanning slightly less than 2 years at the beginning of the 60s Yé-yé era. From the Spring of 1965 to the Fall of 1966, the band recorded 6 singles and 2 albums. Their first and best known single was quite representative of the band’s image. "Fume, fume, fume" was an adaptation of the Beach Boy’s "Fun, Fun, Fun", while their ballad "Amour blessé" was co-written with fellow RCA Victor artist, Rocky Messina. The following singles were mostly covers "Je veux, je veux", borrowed from British band The Shadows, and mostly "Aide-moi chérie", another song from the Beach Boys, became instant hits and contributed to the success of their self-titled album that came out in the Summer of '65.

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  Fume, fume, fume Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #40