Stéphane Crête is the star vocalist of the Boum Ding Band, a humoristic group well known for it's song "Le Père Noël c't'un québecois" He is a young comedian and improviser who already has a lot of experience behind him. He has made his mark over the last few years by cumulating increasingly popular roles, both on stage and on set. At first glance, or shall we say upon first hearing them, we could be under the impression that the Boum Ding Band is some kind of an Atomes' tribute band. Larry Bouledingue - It is kind of our favourite group. We came to that conclusion after choosing the songs for our upcoming show. We ended up with four songs from that group: Va-t-en maintenant, Toi qui te moquais, Pauvre fou et Toi qui sais tout! Jean-Claude, our guitarist, had the Atomes' album at home since his very young age. He even remembers, when his sister came home with it, immediately placing it on the turntable and starting to dance right away. He was only four at the time. The album has remained in his family ever since until, someday, he brought the record at my place and I thought it was interesting. I found it to be mostly funny and when Jean-Claude picked his guitar, we had a great time playing a couple of songs...

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  Le Père Noel c't'un Québécois Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #44