La Chicane is a francophone rock band, from Val d'Or, Quebec, Canada.- La Chicane perform heartfelt folk-inflected adult contemporary pop. The foundign members were Dany Bédar, Martin Bédard, Daniel 'Boom' Desjardins, Christian Legault, Éric Lemieux. The band released its debut album, En Catimini, in 1999. Since that time La Chicane have released a handful of albums, including Disparu in 2000, Ent'nous Autres in 2003, and the oldiesspective 1998-2006 in 2006. They received The Juno Awards for Best Selling Francophone Album (En Catimini), and were nominated for Best Group, Best Selling Francophone Album (Disparu) and Group of the Year 2004. Singles: Calvaire, Juste pour voir le monde, Tu m'manques, Viens donc m'voir.

Available songs

Songs (clic for a preview) Can be found on these DVDs
  Calvaire Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #1
  Juste pour voir le monde Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #2
  Tu m'manques Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #10
  Viens donc m'voir Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #19