Julie Daraiche:

Our country queen of Quebec is born on April 27th in Pabos, Gaspesia, Quebec. The Daraiche family is composed of 9 children and moves to Montreal where Julie starts in music.

She meets Bernard Duguay with which she forms: Julie & les Frères Duguay They recorded many success on the Budget label: Le bûcheron (Roger Miron & Bernard Duguay), Prière d’une mère, St-Vincent de Val-Cartier, 2 songs from Soldat Lebrun. Bonne nuit ma chérie (Edouard Castonguay) Prends ma main, popularized by Renée Martel. Jambalaya (Hank Williams), La forêt noire (Claude Dubois) and Souviens-toi que je t’aime (Reynald Papillon). After that, they record for Bonanza: Et si moi je ne veux pas (Hugues Aufray), Neige sur la bible de mon père (Adé Gagnon) and the very popular Diggy, Diggy, Lo popularized by the country king, Buck Owens. For Bonanza, they record a second album named: Julie et Bernard - with these songs: J’ai pour toi un lac (Gilles Vigneault), Tirelou (Félix Leclerc), Un amour interdit (Aldéi Duguay) Still on the Bonanza label, another album: Julie et Bernard chantent Hank Williams. L’appel, Brise la chaîne de nos cœurs, À la tombée de la nuit, AIMER, SOUFFRIR, PARDONNER, OUBLIER are from this period. With many thousands albums sold, Julie Daraiche is no doubt the best French country seller in Quebec.

Les Frères Duguay:

Born on June 6th 1938 in Paspebiac, Gaspesia, Quebec, he is from a family of 10 children. In his early age, he is influenced by country music. With his brothers, Hervé and Fernand, he sings in dance nights until the age of 14. In 1952, the family moves to Montreal and Les Frères Duguay take their place in show business and play in Montreal’s nightclubs.

Bernard meets Julie Daraiche at Rocher Percé and they start Julie & les Frères Duguay. The public loves this group and they decide to record their first album with Bonanza. They have great success with this one and do a great tour of Quebec, New Brunswick, Connecticut, Massachusetts. A second album follows and has the same success. The group ends after that. During his career Bernard has composed and singed many hundred successes.

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  Aimer, souffrir, pardonner, oublier Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #38