Julie Daraiche has a carrer in music of over 30 years. She has more that 20 albums, 3 compilations and 2 other releases with other members of the Daraiche Family. She started her career with Bernard Duguay and formed the band «Julie et les Frères Duguay», and later together with her brother Paul, they became «Julie et ses Musiciens» then she finally released her first solo album «Merci». For many years she was proclaimed "the Queen of Country" in Quebec, as she is country music's best-selling artist in the french Provices in Canada. As awards, she received 1 «Félix», 4 Gold, 3 «Willie», 4 «Alys», Le Micro d'Or, le Trophée Mérite and more than 30 other awards. Hits: Que la lune est belle ce soir, Prière D'Une Mère, Un Verre Sur La Table, Pardonner Et Oublier, Marié À L'Église, La Prison, Neige Sur Le Bible De Mon Père, Le Dernier Roman, Diggy-Di-Gy-Ly

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  Que la lune est belle ce soir Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #13