A native of Moncton, Acadia, Joseph Edgar is not a newcomer to the music scene. It is a noted artist and marking the Acadian current. After ten years as lead singer of the cult band Acadian zero Celsius in the 90s, he launched his solo career in 2004 with a first album released independently. He continues to endisquer like that, suddenly independent album every two years until she moved to Montreal in 2011, enabling it to finally signing his first record deal with Music Ste-4 label. It was under this label that launched his fifth album, "Gazebo", in late January 2014. The album will allow to carve a place in Quebec and francophone media, thanks to the huge success of his song " Russian spy "and" So there. " His video clips made by itself are also good on youtube where the history of Russian love triangle went to beyond 900,000 views. Passionate artist who occupies the stage with an unusual intensity, it shows no sign of slowing.

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  Espionne russe Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #42