Joël Denis, (his real name is Joël Laplante) was born in Montréal, Canada in 1936. From 1962 to 1965, Joël hosts together with Pierre Lalonde, the popular TV show Jeunesse d'aujourd'hui (CFTM-10). He also releases a number of hits like L'école est finie, Le Ya Ya, C'est pas encore fait, Hey Hey Lolita and Quoi de neuf Pussycat. He plays in the movie " Pas de vacances pour les idoles " (1965). He remains one of the most important artists of "Ya Ya". In 2008 he collaborates with Studio Sonogram for the release of the first game of Bingo on DVD - Bingo à Joel.

Available songs

Songs (clic for a preview) Can be found on these DVDs
  C'est pas encore fait Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #3
  Hey, Hey Lolita Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #3
  Le Ya Ya Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #21