Isabelle Boulay (born 6 July 1972 in Sainte-Félicité, Quebec) is a francophone Canadian pop singer. In 1990, some friends registered her at the Petite-Vallée song festival without her consent, but she completed a performance there and was regarded as a huge success. The following year she won at the Granby song festival for her rendition of Jacques Brel's "Amsterdam". Since then, she has had considerable success both in Quebec and in Europe. Her biggest-selling album in France was the 2000 release Parle-moi ("talk to me"). On the 14th of February 2008, she was presented with the medal of the Assemblée Nationale of Quebec by the mayor of her hometown, in recognition of her contribution to the arts. (Some hits: Jamais assez loin, Tombé de toi, Parle-moi, J'ai mal à l'amour Le saule, Vole colombe, Jamais assez loin, Parle-moi, J'ai mal à l'amour Le Saule, La lune, Entre matane et Bâton Rouge, Tout au bout de nos peines)

Johnny Hallyday (born Jean-Philippe Smet; 15 June 1943) is a French singer and actor. An icon in the French-speaking world since the beginning of his career, he was considered by some to have been the French Elvis Presley. He has completed 100 tours, had 18 platinum albums, and sold more than 110 million records. One of his biggest hits is Le Pénitencier.

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  Tout au bout de nos peines Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #22