Michel Barrette (born April 27, 1957 in Chicoutimi, Quebec) is a television and movie actor, television and radio host and stand-up comedian. He played in various roles in Quebec movies and television shows since 1982. In 1983 he starts for the firts time giving life to the « Roland Hi ! Ha ! Tremblay » beloved character. His most important television and arguably his entire acting career was in KM/H a TVA TV series in which he played the main character of the series for nearly eight years. He also previously hosted along with Jean-Marc Parent Casse-Tête, a Télé-Metropole show for the 1987 and 1988 seasons while he also hosted TVA show Planete en folie in 1998. the same year he releases the album Le Temps d'une dinde, which sold in 250.000 disks.

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  Le temps d’une dinde Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #23