Georges Guétary, born Lambros Worloou (February 8, 1915 – September 13, 1997) was a French singer, dancer, cabaret performer and film actor, best known his role in the 1951 musical An American in Paris. On Broadway, Guétary appeared in Arms and the Girl with Nanette Fabray in 1950. He received a Tony Award for Best Foreign Performer. The British newspaper The Independent said at the time of his death that "part of Guétary's exotic charm, and much of his stage persona as a 'Latin lover' with a voice of Creme Chantilly resided in his mischievous innocence combined with an erotic mystery inherent in his ancestry." (Cet anneau d’or)

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  Cet anneau d'or Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #27