Dany Bédar is a francophone Québécois singer from Val-d'Or in Abitibi. He moved to Montreal at age 19. In 1993, he was the bass player of the group Sex Solution. He plays every instrument except drums. In 1999, the members of the group La Chicane asked him to join them as a bass player. He launched a solo career in 2002. He will be one of the first Québécois artists to participate in the contest. Two extracts in the concert of Dany Bédar in Francopholies 2007 were uploaded on the website of Sympatico MSN in collaboration with the player. Success: (Écoute-moi donc, Y'a du monde, Faire la paix avec l'amour, Voyeur)

Available songs

Songs (clic for a preview) Can be found on these DVDs
  Faire la paix avec l'amour Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #10
  Voyeur Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #19
  Y'a du monde Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #24