Christophe is a French singer and songwriter. He was born Daniel Bevilacqua on October 13, 1945 in the Parisian suburb Juvisy-sur-Orge, to Italian parents. Christophe may be a figure of fun to younger generations of French music fans (after all, in their eyes he will always be the old 60's pop star who begged his woman to come home in the smash hit "Aline"!) Apart from his passion for rock'n'roll, U.S. blues and Elvis Presley, and his much-publicised love affair with Cadillac cars, Christophe remains an essentially enigmatic figure. And, while he has not deliberately cultivated an aura of mystery around himself, Christophe is notorious for hiding his real personality in interviews.

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  Aline Grands Succès Francophones Vol. #21